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A Yorkshire man talking about what he loves doing best… or second best! Get to know Alan Pettingale talking about the differences between masonry restoration in the UK and US… and whatever else crosses his mind along the way.

You can expect solid information about restoration on commercial and historic buildings, using a drone to observe what can’t be seen from the ground. Alan also enjoys reviewing new tools and toys of the trade. Grab a drink and settle down to enjoy him talk with a few friends who love this stuff as well!


                                                 Alan Pettingale

Alan Pettingale

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Alan Pettingale: Talking about the Concept of Restoration and how it plays out in today’s world

Mike Schuller: President Atkinson-Noland & Associates on Historic Anchors and Grouting

Cavity Wall Tie Corrosion/TMS/BRE329-401/ TMS presentation 

Lateral Restraint Anchors

Ben Harris: Vice President of Engineering at Huckabee on School Storm Shelters 

Dr. Erik Nelson: Nelson Forensics LLC on The importance of Forensics in investigation on old masonry structures 

John Heseltine: General Manager of Helifix (Leviat) on core aspects of wall ties

Beverly Abell: Downtown Revitalization Professional on Main Street remediation and preserving Texas 

Dr. Tom Witherspoon: founder of S&W Foundation Contractors, Inc on piling and underpinning old historic buildings 

Andreas Stavridis: Associate Professor at University of Buffalo on Structures 101 

Craig Bennett: President of Bennett Preservation Engineering PC on Old forts from the Civil War 

Jamie Crawley: Texas Main Street Arcitect and Design Lead at THC program on historica restorations


Listen to Alan Pettingale's thoughts on Historic Masonry Restoration in America

by Alan Pettingale

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