I grew up in Kingston-upon-Hull on the east cost of England. After seven years in the British military and traveling the world, always having liked historic buildings, I looked for an outdoor job and started working in historic masonry. I traveled to the US on vacation to give a talk to the Corps of Engineers at Ft. Knox in Kentucky, and realized that America was the place for me.

I now have thirty years of professional experience in masonry repair systems,
* I assist engineers and architects in forensic testing; both destructive and non-destructive
* I implement a wide range of remedial strategies for masonry stabilization on historic buildings
* I consult with architects and engineers on the application of masonry restoration for schools, churches, colleges, historical, residential and commercial buildings in the United States and England.
* I am also a well-known speaker.
* I have co-authored and presented papers on cavity wall tie corrosion investigation and lateral restraint anchors.
* I have also created a 6.5 hour continuing education Historic Masonry Workshop available at The Masonry Society’s site.
* I serve on the Existing Masonry Committee of The Masonry Society.
* I am also a Mentor with The Masonry Society
* I created BrickTalk.Live, a podcast about masonry and restoration
* I have restored thousands of historic commercial and residential buildings
* I have patented three systems

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