Remember Car Talk? The way the two Mariachi brothers chatted away for an hour, and only mentioned cars from time to time?

Brick Talk Live is presented by Alan Pettingale and Dave Godkin, a Brit and an Irish man. They are two long-time friends who enjoy talking about what they love doing best… or maybe second best! They offer a huge dollop of common sense while talking about the differences between masonry restoration in the UK and US… and anything else that crosses their minds along the way. The subjects may sound a bit dry, but wait until these two start explaining why what they are saying matters to your home, your commercial property and specially, your historic restoration.

They love to have adventures so you’ll be the first to know what tools they are testing, where they have been inspecting dodgy brickwork, and most of all, what they feel needs to be done about these things. They are passionate about making your building safe and good for a long time to come.

You can expect solid information about bricks, plus banter from two long time friends when they get going. Grab a drink, sit back, and listen to them talk!